Productivity Optimization for Modern Teams with AI and Data

An intelligent tool developed to provide next-gen productivity insights with non-intrusive tracking mechanisms that cut the bias. Now streamline productivity patterns and skyrocket efficiency for modern teams at ease.

We are in the middle of a generational shift in how people work, and old management ways don’t work anymore.
Knowledge work makes productivity quantification very hard.
  • Understanding the Challenge

    The way modern-day knowledge workers use their expertise to the fullest potential cannot be simply calculated to determine their productivity. Unlike traditional roles, these workers use innovative tools and techniques to bring out the best work.
  • The Knowledge Work Quandary

    The number of hours spent on a project does not truly determine the best outcomes. The knowledge economy today does not require a worker to spend a fixed number of hours to prove their productivity.
  • Our Solution

    Navigate through the complexities of knowledge work beyond numbers for data-driven organizational success. With Crewnetics we enable you to capture the intellectual set of productivity insights in the most non-intrusive manner.
Hybrid work introduces disruptions which are difficult to manage.
  • Understanding the Challenge

    Hybrid work models are a modern-day necessity, but these can hinder productivity due to multiple reasons. From poor collaboration, employee burnout, and lack of training to work-life balance for efficiency, many factors negatively impact productivity.
  • Numbers Say It All

    Digital communication tools have led to an increase in burnout among 69% of remote workers. For over 53% of remote workers, establishing a sense of connection with their colleagues has become more challenging.
  • Our Solution

    Adapting to the modern work landscape is a need, therefore, hybrid work models are here to stay for longer. Crewnetics equips you with the right set of features to effectively track productivity patterns as insights and improve work models to achieve the best outcomes.

Performance powered by data

The world's first Employee Data Platform!

Seamless Integrations with all major productivity platforms.

You cannot calculate a knowledge worker's productivity by tracking time or capturing screens. Crewnetics allows you to track productivity from the daily tools used, regardless of the worker's team affiliation.

Data is the key to understanding and improving knowledge work productivity.
Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption to your workflow or team dynamics.
Track intellectual life events within the integrated tools to monitor work patterns and determine productivity via insights.
Gain real-time visibility into employee productivity, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions that propel your organization forward.
Use actionable insights to understand work patterns and optimize productivity

Our powerful analytical engine delivers descriptive productivity analytics allowing you to understand meaningful patterns and trends to optimize your work models and workflows for better outcomes.

Set objectives that are truly data-driven and track themselves.

Organization success is incomplete with just tracking progress, you need the right objectives and key metrics to determine productivity. Crewnetics enables you to set OKRs for automated tracking no matter what tool you integrate.

Omnichannel micro-surveys, just when they are needed the most.
Traditional surveys often suffer from limitations such as bias, time-consuming analysis, and limited data processing capabilities. Crewnetics revolutionizes the survey experience to make productivity tracking way more effective.
Send automated surveys to respective teams to understand an employee’s work dynamics and productivity. Also, enjoy the freedom to create bespoke surveys and share them with only selective team members of your choice.
High Impact Features

Our Ai will help indicate the performace
at the right time


Performance analytics

Comprehensive dashboards to display exhaustive performance analytics. 


Automated survey triggering

Real-time automated survey triggering for unbiased analysis and tracking. 


Real time data syncing

Continuous updation of real-time data for consistent performance analysis.  


Life Events

Easy to set life events in a diverse range of tools for intricate tracking.  


Data-Driven Insights

Systematic analysis of data to understand the behaviors, trends, and patterns.


abnormality detection

Detect abnormal performance patterns to cut the bias and eliminate errors at the right time

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